Wolfe Lumber Mill Absolute NetAuction

Auction starts: June 22, 2021 at 06:00 PM EST , Closing begins: June 29, 2021 at 06:00 PM EST
Gasport, NY


Pendu Saw System Cut-up Line. Cut-off Saw. Double Arbor Rip Saw. Infeed, Connecting, Outfeed and Waste Conveyors. Hydraulic Power Unit. Control Station. Large number of Saws and Collars. Model 2400 Cutoff Saw with 24" saws. Extra saws included. 20Ft infeed to cutoff saw. 20Ft between cuttoff and gang. 12Ft Gang with 9Ft outfeed
MMT Notcher with additional Saws
Whirlwind 212R Pop-up Saw with Infeed and Outfeed Tables. SN: 2373230.
JW Penny Short Log Mill. 36" Inserted Tooth Saw. Return Rolls. Adjustable Setworks. Currently configured to produce triangle corners and is easily reconfigured. Extra Saw. Extra Teeth and Wrenches. No Motor.
GE 60HP Electric Motor 220/440V. 3Ph.
Delta Model 20 Vertical Bandsaw with extra blades, fence and dust collector. Adjustable feed plate. 2HP 3 Phase.
Pendu Saw Systems Cant Infeed Deck with Unscrambler. Model 7500. SN:9201. 3-Strand infeed deck with chain centers at 0", 46" and 92" x 12Ft long. Disrupter sprockets in chain races. Overall length 19'6" headshaft to tailshaft. Separate drives for deck and unscrambler. 
Kenwell Chamfer Machine Model 3000D
Neuman Notcher - Portable.
Mill Blower System. 25HP Sterling Blower with +60Ft of Inlet Pipe. Discharge Pipe and Large Cyclone on Sawdust Bin.
American Cast Blower with Discharge Pipe.
Buffalo Cast Blower with Suction and Discharge Pipe.
Delta Radial Arm Saw with Support Table and extra Blades.
Bronco Nailing Station with Stacker and Outfeed Conveyor.
Pallet Stacker
Heavy Duty 5HP Delta Cutoff Saw
IR 7100E15-P Air Compressor. 15HP 3Ph. 50.5CFM @ 90PSI. New in 2015.
IR 7100E15-P Air Compressor. 15HP 3Ph/ 50.5CFM @ 90PSI. New in 2016.
2007 Freightliner Business ClassM2 SA Flatbed. Cat C7 Acert Diesel. Automatic. 236,948 Miles. Air Brakes. GVW:26,000Lbs. 24Ft Bed. VIN:1FVACWDC07HX18182.
Selleck S80 2WD Rough Terain Forklift. 4.4L Diesel. 7500 Hours. Cap:8000Lb 180" Reach.
John Deere 1020 Tractor with Woods Loader. Gas. 4x2 w/Reverse Transmission. 2WD. 3PTH. 540PTO. Tire Chains. Quick hitch GP Bucket. 3356 Hours.
Danuser 3PTH Backblade.
Powermatic Table Saw. Model 72A. Tilt Table. Fence. Manuals. Extension Cord.
Delta Radial Arm Saw Model GE 67. 
Gath 12" Jointer
Stand alone 20Ft Infeed/Outfeed Table.
Blower with 3HP motor
Rotating Bin Build Table
Rotating Bin Build Table
Mutsushita Saw Sharpener with Diamond Stone Model MK-203.
Shop west Wall
Shop back wall and shelves
All Saw Blades and south Wall
Swing Cut-off Saw with extra saws
Electric powered waste belt - Portable
Several Dead Rolls
Table Top Drill Press
Milwaukee 6024 Hand Grinder
Milwaukee Sander/Grinder
Makita Narrow Belt Sander
Rockwell Belt Sander
2X Drill Doctor
Bosch 1594 Hand Planer with case
2X Bostitch Nailers with one case
Black and Decker Jig Saw with soft case
Delta Table Top Radial Chop Saw
Wagner Paint Sprayer and Heat Gun
Milwaukee Cordless 1/2" Drill/Driver with Charger, Extra Battery and Case.
2X Milwaukee Corded Drills. (1) 3/8" and (1) 1/2"
Milwaukee Sawzall with Case
Makita 6824N Drywall Screw Driver with Auto-feed in Case
Makita 5007F Power Saw in case
Jockey Saw Grinder with Milwaukee power and Extra Frame.
ACE Bench-top 6" Grinder
Hempe Miter Saw
Bosch Nibbler
Crosscut Saw with Handles - 5Ft
Crosscut Saw - 5Ft
Crosscut Saw with Handles - 3Ft
Delmhorst Moisture Meter RC-1. SN:1238.
Shop Vac 4.5HP with 12 Gallon Tank
Lot of Electrical Extension Cords
Heavy Extension Cords with 240V Plugs
Lot of Air Hose
2X Biltmore Cruise Stick and International Log Rule with Sleave
2X Doyle Log Rules
3-Line Lumber Rule
Fiberglass Step Ladder - 8Ft
Wooden Extension Ladder - 20Ft
2X Wheelbarrows
CM Lodestar 2 Ton Overhead Hoist with Beam Trolly. 240/480V 3 Phase.
CM Lodestar 1 Ton Overhead Hoist with Beam Trolly. 240/480V 3 Phase.
CM Lodestar 1/8 Ton Overhead Hoist with Beam Trolly. 240/480V 3 Phase.
Large Lot of Long Handles Tools: Peaveys, Splitting Mauls, Tamper, Scraper, Rakes, Brooms, Shovels
Large Lot of Chain and Lever Chain Binders
(12+) Cases of Nails: 1 3/4", 2", 3"
2X 2-wheeled Dolly Carts
Pallet with Stencil Ink and Brushes, Large Hinges, Tire Chains.
Pallet of Oil Products: Compressor Oil, Gear Oil, ATF, Motor Oil, Lubreze Cutting Oil, ZEP Degreaser, Slime Tire Sealant with Applicator.
(5) Spools of Electrical Wire and Mechanical Wire.
Floor Jack
Floor Sweeper Magnet
Pallet of Nails and Spring Brackets
Pallet of Bolts and Washers
Pallet of Bolts, Washers and Nuts
Pallet of Bolts, Washers and Nuts
(5) Sections of Triple-wall Stove Pipe and (4) Pieces of Duct Pipe with Hood
Air Hose on wall.
Storage Unit with (27) Bins
TroyBilt 21" Self Propelled Mower. 6.75HP
Workbench, Hose, Wire, Belting located in corner
OxyAcetlylene Cart with Torch Gauges, Hose and Cutting Head. 
Simpson 3000PSI Pressure Washer.
Hand Tools: Hammers, Pliers, Wrenches, Clamps, Hydraulic Jack, Sockets, Safety Glasses, Electrical Rubber Gloves.
Electrical Parts, (2) Motors, Air Valves and Air Cylinders.
(6) Pipe Wrenches
(3) Gear Pullers
Air Drills and Air Wrenches
3/4" Ratchets and Sockets
Air Drills, Air Wrenches and Stencil Brushes
Airco 225A MSM Stinger Welder with Leads and Manual. 220V.
Automotive Tools - Filter Wrenches, Solder Kit, Heat Gun, Pliers, Flash Light. Tape Measures.
Tool Boxes
Air Regulators, Water Separators, Gauges, Filters, and Electrical Heating Elements. 
Mechanics Creeper.
Gearbox, Bearings, Chain, Contents of Bins on Wall.
Pallet of Electrical - Motor Controls, Switches and Conduit
2X Century Space Heaters - Oil Fuel.
Blower Pipe: Suction and Discharge, 8"-30" Diameter. Fittings, L's, Hanger Collar and Cable.
Heavy Steel Workbench with Saw Clamp.
Heavy Steel Round Table with Hollands 53 1/2H Vise.
(2) Wooden Sawhorses
(2) Barrels of Pipe Fittings
Pallet Bolts, Steel Corner Braces
Coil of New Airhose with Siphon Wand.
Air Tank with Valve
(4) Barrels with Hand Pumps. Some contain used oil. Belts on wall.
Pipe Vise, Chain Wrench and Pipe Dies.
Fork Extensions
(3) Fans. 120V
(3) Sawhorses
Warehouse Cart
Wood Table with 14 x 20 Heavy Canvas Tarp.
Clipper Portable Belt Lacer, Belt Lacing and Cut-off tool
Pipe Support Stand with Top Rollers
2X 12" C-clamps.
Nieko Tap and Die Set.
NEW Ingersoll Rand 1/2" Air Wrench
(2) Safety Kits
Crown Pallet Jack
(8) Fire Extinguishers
GE CR1034 40HP 220V 3 Phase Starter with extra Oil
2X Warehouse Carts
2X Warehouse Carts
4X Rolling Wooden Totes
4X Rolling Wooden Totes
3X Sample Totes
2X Wooden Ladders
2X Step Ladders
Fiberglass 6Ft Step Ladder
Banding Cart with Banding, Tools and Clips
(3) Wood Nailing Tables
(2) Steel Tables
(2) Wood Tables with Steel Tops. Contents NOT included.
(2) Steel Palletainers
(3) Steel Tables. Contents NOT included.
Dumpster (Green)
Dumpster (Yellow) Contents NOT included.
2X Water Coolers
Lockers with (12) Units
Lunch Table with Benches
(6) Jigs for Bins
Shelf Unit with Boxes of Staples and Nails
(6) Jigs for Bins
(2) Aluminum Jigs for Bins
Wooden Table with (3) Jigs for Bins
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Pallet Stock
Large number of Nailing Guns and support hardware
(2) Toolboxes with Tools
(3) Steel I-beams. 4"x8"x23Ft. 5"x12"x35Ft. 6"x15"x11F.
300 Gallon Fuel Tank with Hand Pump
300 Gallon Fuel Tank with Hand Pump
Gary Double-door Combination Lock Safe. 28"x40"x56". Combination will be provided to buyer.
SA 6'x8' Tilt-top Trailer. No deck. No Paperwork. 
Amano Pix-200 Time Clock with ribbon
Boiler Circulating Pump, NEW Pump Motor and Pumps.
Electric Fuel Pump.

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