Hidden Oak #5 Liquidation

Auction starts: October 31, 2016 at 06:30 PM CDT , Closing begins: October 31, 2016 at 06:30 PM CDT
Ellsworth, WI


Large wing, crack half way down right side, and hairline, 23"W x 30"H
4-burner, 41"L x 22.5"D x 38.5"H
No. 108, 19.5"W x 25"D x 30"H
2-piece, 2-drawers, with potato bin, 63"L x 21"D x 92"H overall, contents not included
25.25"W x 17"D x 51"H, contents not included
2-piece (top is screwed down), 38"W x 13.5"D x 74"H, contents not included
2-piece (top is screwed down), 38"W x 13.5"D x 74"H, contents not included
With newer hardware, some paint loss, 37"W x 17.5"D x 83.5"H
Top molding on left side and front only, 19"W x 16"D x 76.25"H
With 5-drawers, doll motif on cabinet door, 40"L x 25"D x 31.5"H
Table is 25"W x 40"L x 41"H, with (2) 10" pullout leaves, and drawer
36"L x 22"W x 39"H, contents not included
Painted wood base, 40"L x 25"W x 36.5"H
3-drawers, 6-doors, 84''H x 66''W x 18.5''D, contents not included
With headboard, pillows, blanket, frame, and mattress
With slide down front, 53"L x 29.75"W x 46"H
Including antique blue painted chair, and 33"H painted bird stand
With acorn pulls, some finish wear, wood cracked on top, 30.75"W x 18.25"D x 30"H
With 15.5"W bowl, and 11"H pitcher (repaired)
Some finish wear on edges, 30"W x 17.25"D x 51"H overall
Some finish wear, no key, 47.75"L x 18"D x 22"H
Unknown working condition, finish wear, 35.75"W x 17"D x 34.25"H
Including vintage ladies hats, fans, and decorative belts
Including vintage aprons and fabric
Including frames, fabric, and cutting board
Including antique photo album with photos, dolls, books, and fabric
Including (2) antique chairs, and 42.5"H plant stand
Including wall rack, and coffee tables up to 39"L x 16"W x 21"H
Including hog ration, and doughboy
Including 1950's Family Circle magazines, wood basket 14.5"H, strainer, and small curio
Including cable, stoneware, Wisconsin Dells shakers, Hall Jewel Tea 9.5" pie baker, and Mt. Rushmore plate
Including 5.5"H glass domes, and Eau Claire 1/2-pt. milk bottles
Including cups, saucers, and wooden shoes
Including Mason jars, Fisher-Price train amber glass, pen sets, and dolls
Including Winnie the Pooh lantern, View-Master, vintage clothes, and porcelain doll key chains
Including plastic village, children's toys, and stuffed animals
With upholstered seat, 25.25"W
Missing sewing machine, missing top, some finish wear, 34.75"W x 18.75"D x 29.5"H
Including 16.5"L wicker cradle, doilies, sewing box, and baskets
Including frames, sheet music, wall plaques, fabric hangers, and vintage clothing accessories
Including class picture (cracked), desk basket, and more, cart is 39.5"L x 22.75"W x 35"H
Including dolls up to 14"H
Including porcelain up to 15.5"H
Including dolls, doll clothes, porcelain tea set, and 11.5"H Snow White
Including doll garland, doll clothes, ballet box, and antique baby clothing
Including 7" glass coffee jar, and Prescott souvenirs
Including table cloths, vintage gloves, doilies, and craft supplies
Adjustable opening, cabinets are 61.75"H x 21.75"W x 19.5"H
Including Perfecscope Viewer, and assorted cards, including wilderness
Including assorted dolls up to 10"
Including one pint Coke bottles, one pint RC Cola bottles, and glass jars
17.5"L, missing electrical
38"W x 15.5"D x 65.5"H
Including Elvis stamps, serving trays, tins, and books
Including 9.5"H pitcher, cups, saucers, snuff jar, and chamber pot
Incomplete, one large plate chipped
Including covers, and jars up to 9.5"H
47.5"W x 15.75"D x 71.25"H
Including creamers, sugars, 8.5" glasses, plates, and covered butter
38"W x 15.5"D x 65.5"H
Including doll clothes, doll accessories, bustles, and more
Including juicers, sugar, creamer (chipped), and 11.5" handled plate
Including Orphan Annie, up to 18"H
With carved detail, 44.5"L x 32.75"W x 30.5"H
Including Ball blue glass quart jars, and zinc lids
2-sided, 48"L x 18"W x 53.75"H
Including doll shoes, doll clothes, plush bunnies, and hangers
Including cups, saucers, vases, 13.25"H candle holder, book rack, and stethoscope
18"W x 12.5"D x 72"H
including doll clothes, trunk is 18"L
some finish wear, 24"W x 18"D x 26.5"H
including wood desk, tin Ohio Art Mary Had a Little Lamb buggy, doll stands and Baby Alexander doll in box
Including Raggedy Ann and Andy coat rack, 16"H animated doll, and antique composition baby doll
Including 26"L Snow White tin ironing board, dolls, and doll furniture
Including (7) prints, metal wall rack, butterflies, 41"H wall mirror, and clothes (does not include anything above butterfly wall appliques
Including fashion studio, Harumika, and Barbie fashion fever
Including 25.5"H lamp, Barbie accessories, candle holders, and planter
Including 24.5"H lamp, 21.5"H table, and 31"H metal candle rack
Including antique 24" composition doll, doll clothes, Chrissy's cousin Velvet doll in box, and puppet
Including German made 31"H porcelain doll, chair, and 25"H candle holder
Including dolls, 20"L doll buggy, and Mother Goose mobile
Including 26"L rolling bassinet, assorted dolls, and doll accessories
Cradle is 23.5"L with assorted doll clothes and accessories
Including 11.75"W paper doll frames, pillow, small dolls, and doll clothing
Including hand puppets, doll clothes, and more
including 22.5"H wood stand, dolls up to 18", and tin drum pail
Including 21"W doll crib, and dolls up to 16"H
20.25"H x 10.75"W x 10.25"D
Including doll clothes and Barbie accessories, basket is 20"H
Including artificial flowers, vase is 19.75"H
Including 30.25"L doll trunk, and (2) dolls up to 30"H
Including candles, place card holders, and basket gift wrap
Including mini wall plaques, brass candle holder, 30" Reeds, and wall hangings
Up to 20"H (damage to Greek style)
including 24'' white ceramic vase with artificial flowers, pair of 15'' plaster busts (chipped), 16'' planter and wreath, and 12'' glass vase
including vintage forest green glasses, up to 6.5''H, napkin holders including porcelain, brass, pewter, decorative spoons, and more
including 10'' ceramic loon, collector plates up to 9.5'', Remembrance cup, carnival dish, glass cake pedestal, and iridescent luncheon sets
including decorative spheres, bird figurines, porcelain candle holders, mercury glass owls, and vintage pixie figurines
including wood spoons, coasters, place card holders, silver plate spoons, fragrance sticks, heart picks
including clay coasters, Style House rhythm dinnerware, scenic 8'' hand painted plates, curtain rod holders, 13'' coffee table glass bowl with metal leaf stand, music box, pot holders and metal bowls
hairline down back and one on lower front
including 14'' acorn dish, 2'' acorn molds, ice bucket, casserole and 21'' tub
applied carving, 29''H x 20''W x 30''L
stand is 29''H x 22''W x 11.5''D, with chalk ware cats up to 10''L and pair of chalk ware kitchen plaques, 12''H
10''H x 10''W, with contents of rolls of double faced tape
including 8'' framed chalkboard, wood trays up to 20''L, stoneware tea caddy, jars and glass bowls, artificial fruit, cake, vegetables and 20'' wreath
including wood clothes pins, clothes line, stein music box, brass, recipe cards, recipe card boxes, brown glazed ceramics, Boc seltzer bottle and 9.5''W brass oriental buffet heater
including ceramics, studio pottery, Fire King covered baking dish, gravy boat, decorator plates including 1987 Ellsworth, WI, and recipe boxes
including unmarked 10'' pantry jar, cookie molds up to 12''L and light switch cover
including Price England cottage tea pot, decorative kitchen accessories, Noritake acorn bowl, and bowls up to 9''W
including soda bottle shakers, cream soda bottles, soup tureen and ladle, musical Gilligan's Island cookie jar, 6.25''H copper mug, and 7''H copper tea pot
including 24'' chef porcelain doll, folk art figurine and dolls, 11.5'' thermometer, 16'' metal signs, and trivets
including natural sponges, 8''H oil lamp, 11''L wood cow, vintage cardboard boxes, shell molds, and framed prints up to 11''H
including cream whipper, garnishing kit, egg poacher, miniature garden display, 12''D vintage cookie jar with cookie cutters, 16'' ceramic fall tray, and decorative plates up to 10.5''W
including wicker placemats, 13''W food screen, glass cake stands, Heritage Series 3ft x 5ft flag, and 16'' enamelware message boards
including canning jars up to 10''H, zinc lids, and 10.5''W National Biscuit store display box
including 8'' rabbit mold, aluminum pitcher, and assorted metal ware including trays
including tin containers up to 9.5''H, flower sacks, artificial geraniums and strawberries and more
including hardwood breakfast set, spoon holder, 5.5'' stoneware jug, divided dish, vintage kitchen utensils, flatware, steak knives, ceramic bowls, porcelain tea pot, and 7'' chicken wire basket
including glass and wood canister sets, and vintage kitchen linens
including cookie cutters, kitchen linens, and Pillsbury 7''doughboy and chef's hat
including reamer, sundae glasses, salad plates, punch bowl and luncheon sets
including (3) antique shutters, up to 64''H x 14''W, 15'' wood spice cabinet, (2) 15.5'' sewing drawers, 28'' painted shutter (plate rack not included in this group)
including plate rack with 9'' plates, 25''W religious painting on velvet, knick knacks, 13'' art glass vase, 23'' wood shelf, wood salt box, antique scale, new grain mill and kitchen magnets
including 18''W wood and brass scale, sad irons, cords, cookie mold set, wood plaques, soaps, brass tray and brass pail
including 11.5''W bongo drums, vintage tambourine, flutes, penny whistles and 25'' ukelin
including Gourmet, Chinese, chocolate, country store, and berries
including xylophone set in case with sticks, 27.25''L x 17.75''W x 3''H case, with pair of wood maracas
including 30.5''L collection basket, and (5) hand made wisk brooms, up to 28''L
including pillows, chenille bed spreads, crocheted table cloths, tapestry weaving, and dollies
including embroidered, patchwork, and lace
on 17'' primitive wood block, 16.5''H overall
including picnic baskets, trays, and artificial flowers, baskets are up to 17''L
With floral, bowl is 15.75"W, pitcher is 11"H
Including cookie jars, jam and jelly jars, vinegar and olive oil decanters, match stick holder and rooster cups, up to 11.5"H
Including mache bread, dinnerware, cottage creamer and sugar, 11.5"H round jug, juicer, and barn coaster set
32"W x 11.5"D x 84.75"H
With Hay diddle diddle applique, board is 54"L
With shade, new electrical, 20"H
Including 15" white platter, Booth "Woodstock", luncheon set, glass stein, and Leughtenburg Germany 9.75" dish
Including Johnson Bros. old English countryside 9" bowl, windmill bowl, ceramic vegetables, and assorted mushrooms
Including assorted cups, saucers, tea pot, and 9.5" purple amethyst footed bowl
Including vintage coaster set, Japan shakers, Japan wall pocket, 10" clock, bird plates, Rapunzel Jack-in-the-box, and glass Swizzle sticks
Including candle holders, tea canister, tea sets, and mortar with pestle
Including tea books, tea spoons, tea strainers, assorted decorative plates, cups, and saucers
Including wood jewelry boxes up to 9"W, and decorative boxes
Including handmade 10" 3-tier platter, bowls, covered butter, 7"H pedestal plate, and 8"H vase
Including candles, wood decoration 25"H, woven bird cage, decorative brass scale, and more
Including Germany, Lefton, and Johnson Bros.
Including Norway, Princess Anne, Royal Albert, and Delft
Including Meakin, dinnerware, iridescent tea service, 15.25" turkey platter, and Lotus dishes
Including candle holders up to 16.25"H, matchstick holder, and candles
Including figurines, assorted collector plates (including The Sound of Music), cups, saucers, and mini plates
Including Rogers spoons, decorative plates, tea cup coasters, 6.5"H tea pot, Mother of Pearl handled butter knives, and Beneagles Scotch Whiskey dinosaur 3.75"H
Including serving set, cake plates up to 11.75"W, candle holders, and condiment holders
Including baby shoe decorations, child dishes, vintage lamb hangers, and birth certificate scroll holder on stand
With (7) 12-cubby units, 241.25"L x 24.5"D x 100.25"H, to be removed after 3pm
With (6) 12-cubby bins, slat wall on one edge, 24.5"W x 145.5"L x 100.25"H, to be removed after 3pm
With (6) 12-cubby bins, slat wall on one edge, 24.5"W x 145.5"L x 100.25"H, to be removed after 3pm
2-piece, some wear, 47.25"W x 20.25"D x 75.5"H
2-piece, some wear, 47"W x 18.5"D x 76.5"H
Including candles, candle holders, 5" wooden shoes, and art glass fruit
Including candles, 13" doll bed, books, hand painted 13.5"W writing desk, and photo albums
Including candle holders, antique bottles, and 6.5"H carnival candlesticks
Including dolls up to 14", plaster Kennedy bust, and 31"H lamp with shade
Including I Dream of Jeannie, and Diahann Carroll as Julia
Including 11"H vase and 29.5"H lamp
Including trinket box, 12.5"H plaster wall hangings, lunch boxes (one with thermos), books, and linens
Including antique print, doll clothes trunk, doll/baby clothes, and comics
Including Winnie the Pooh, and crib quilts
With (1) glass shelf, 24"W x 12"D x 28.5"H
Including table covers, handstitched napkins, hankies, placemats, and souvenir cloths
Including tablecloths, doilies, and dresser scarves
Some wear, 37.5"W x 21"D x 56.5"H
Including miniature brass items, Frauenkirche cathedral 3.75"H, scale pencil sharpener, and miniature porcelain items
3-panel, each panel is 19.75"W x 62"H
With flip top storage box, 38"W x 13"D x 37.75"H
Complete, With drawers and hangers, some rusting, missing leather handles, 40.5"H x 22.25"W x 21.5"D
With insert, has wear, 32.25"L x 16.5"D x 20.5"H
Some wear, each seat is 22"W x 31.25"H
Including doll, doll chair, 17.75"H wall mirrors, and glassware
Including assorted sheet music, 1920's needlecraft magazine, and print
Including wood folding sofa table, and 34"H red metal stool
With (2) glass shelves, 29.5"L x 19"W x 23"H
Including mirror top vanity table, 33"W x 30.5"H, clown shoes, mask, basket, and doll chair
Including 19.5"H hart dress form, antique buttons, and more
With insert, Made by: Progress Refrigerator Co., has paint wear, 17.75"W x 13.25"D x 18.5"H
Including napkins, and shelf paper, buffet is 72"L x 21"D x 37.25"H
Complete with photos, missing hinge, album is 8.25"W x 10.5"H, approx. 54 photos
Including straw dispenser, glass set, calendar, and bottles up to 15"H
Including coffee mugs, glasses, 7.75"H metal bank, and 1940's ads
26.25"H, horns broken off animal
Including Clark gnomes, up to 5.75"H, 27.5"H metal chair, and side table
Including 29.25"H oak parlor table, and candle holder
With metal feet and leather seat, adjustable height
3-burner, appears complete, 28.5"W x 17.25"D x 49.5"H
Including 22.5"W wicker lap tray, and cast iron wreath holder, 30.25"H
Including Mickey Mouse ornament display 19.25"H, small wood sled, wicker stool, and 26"H wicker hamper
Including vintage dolls, and Mendel Drucker doll wardrobe trunk 24.5"H
Including 22"H wood Santa, and Santa animated cassette player
Including baskets, wreaths, and tree, up to 25"H
Including tree candle holders, 17"H wood windmill, and 6.25"H toy shop display
Including music box, Santas up to 13.25"H, and small porcelain figures
Including trees up to 12.5"H, fairy orchestra, tinsel, and soaps
Castle Wolfstein, in box, with the knight watchman
Burgermeister Haus (Mayor's House), in box
Including 4.5"H glitter candle ornaments, blue holiday garland, and 6.25" blue glitter snowflakes
Including vintage walnut shell ornaments, glass ornaments, and miniature cardboard village lights
Including mercury glass ornaments, lights, 10" tree topper, garland, and musical greeting bell
Including 14.5"H ceramic lighted tree
Including coloring books, crayons, books, skates, and activity books
Including stool and 20.25" wall hanging
Including Christmas, baskets, small wood shelves, and more
Including ornaments, beads, and 24"H motion figure
Including linens, pillows, boxes, book, and lights
Including plush animals up to 25"H
Including bottle capper on wood block, 28"H, and small ice cream maker
64"L x 40"W x 30"H, with (2) 17.75"L hidden leaves
Including vintage, up to 15.5"H
4-drawer, with mirror, missing center marble and (1) piece of trim, 42"W x 19.5"D x 81"H
Including 27.5"H plant stand, plunger, 17.75"H pressed metal umbrella stand, bed springs, and umbrella
Including oak glider rocker (wear to fabric), and ladder back chair 41"H
Including table, stool, and shelf 48"H
On decorative leaf pattern stand, 31.5"H
Including wall lamp, metal 13.75"W box with key, and 36.5"H wood shelf
Including Last Supper 18.5"L (chips on corners)
Some finish wear, 45"L x 11.5"W x 25.25"H
Including gourds up to 19", skeleton puppet, and covered casseroles
Including floral, 9"H resin acorns, and trays
Complete with beard hat, coat, pants, and belly
Including Elves on Shelves, and vintage 12 days of Christmas ornaments
Including 18"H dancing Santa, ornaments, and lights
Including large assortment of ornaments, Playmobil Santa, hanging nutcracker, and angel tree topper
Including paper dolls, ornaments, tin 23"H Santa sign, and vintage Santa pitcher with glasses
Including Buffolk English houses up to 3.25"H, glass blocks, pail with glitter fruit, stocking holders, glitter tree branch, wreath, and acorns
Including Santa and Mrs. Clause cookie jars 11"H, and rhinestone jewelry Christmas tree in 18"H frame
Including hand painted and mercury
Including antique figures up to 5.25"H,
Plaster, Made in Italy, figures up to 6"H
With Japan plastic figurines, 13"H x 19.5"L
Including reindeer ornament hangers, 6.5"H music box carousel, and mini plastic carolers
Doll is 18"H with assorted clothes
With (2) Barbies (including bob cut with closing eyes), cabinet is 16.5"H
Made by: Mego, with (2) figures and accessories, case is 15.25"H
With plastic figurines, 9.75"H x 13.5"W
Including prints in frames, sticky pixies, and Flitter fairies
Including dimples and bright eyes
Including It's A Wonderful Life figures, and (2) Ginny 8" dolls
Including floral, ornaments, wood and metal wall hanging, planter, and music box
Including artificial snow, Santa figurines, glitter trees, and ornaments
Including lights, 16" tree topper, table coverings, and tree
Including garland, 7"H musical church, 22"H motion Santa, and trees
Including handmade afghan, and vintage purses
Including reverse painted glass, up to 29"W
Including pair of metal candle sconces, and plate rack, 20.25"W x 27"H
Including pressed wood shelf, 26"H doll high chair, and small cabinet
Jenny's Sweet Shoppe, 5.75"H, no box
Including small wood ornaments, 9" nutcracker under dome, and birdcage
Including ornaments, mercury glass 12" tree topper, and basket
Including Coca-Cola Town Square collection accessories, and Cd's
Including shaker set, table sign, napkin dispenser, and Ertl "Please pause here. Please pause here." bank with box
Including bottle cap ornaments, playing cards, and puzzle
Including Town Square Collection figurines
Including Italian miniature lights, box, and ornaments
Including Snoopy, bear in balloon, and trees up to 19"
Including ornaments, playing cards, and puzzle
Including ornaments, drum ice pail, linens, make your own ornaments, and trays
Including 13" glass platters, and ornaments
Including ornaments, hooks, and snow
Including stockings, plush bears up to 10"H, polar bear figurines, and glasses
Including glasses, 10.5"H cast iron door pull, watches, and napkins (white lap tray is not Coca-Cola)
With bag, has damage, 12"H x 12.5"W x 8"D
Including fountain service set, and 14.75"W galvanized tub with bottles
Including 9.75"H polar bear cookie jar, and 11.75"W clock
Including skates, lantern, and Santas up to 18"
Including tray, collector plates, polar bear figurines, Superior Bottling Co. cancelled check from 1942, 7.75"H cast iron door pull, and Break Dancin' can
Santa cat nesting dolls, up to 9.75"H, LED lights, and Coca-Cola throw blanket
Including shirts, sweatshirt, blanket, bag, and children's clothes
Including tins, tip trays, and 2.75"H pocket mirror
Including 14"H tray, tip trays, and flatware
Including 12" Coca-Cola thermometer, Coca-Cola collectibles book, and snow globes
Including magnets, sand art, coasters, calendar, and book
From Duluth Public Library issued by The British Museum, book is 11.25"W x 17.5"H
Including cards, pen sets, pencil boxes, paper bags, and gift tags
With contents of Valentines, holiday cards, and postcards
Including mini cooler radio, 5.75"H plastic dancing bear wind up bottle, and bubble bears
Cradle is 32"L with assorted teddy bear collectibles
For 1991-95 Acura Legend
Including 26.5"H form, head forms, and basket
Including garland, Christmas books, and recipe books
Including decorating, craft, and cooking
Including planter, paper cup holders, and prints up to 15.25"W
Including straw cups, paper sign, placemats, calendars, and golf club head covers
With embossed glass bottles, 18.25"L
Including 8.25"H smoke pitcher, and marble table urn (damaged)
Including 11" yellow depression bowl, coffee tin, wood box, and yellow depression 12.5"L canoe dish
Including 7"W vaseline bowl and compotes up to 4.25"H
Including blue glass jar (cracked), insulators, and purple 8.25"W slag glass footed bowl
Including milk glass, up to 9"H
With (6) cups and 6.25"H tea pot
Including trays, juicer, stemware, and vases up to 9"
Including milk glass on metal stand 8.5"W
Including 7.75"W flower dishes
Including plates, cups, toothpick holder, pitcher up to 7"H
Including 6"H compote
Including perfumes, jewelry box, cups, and saucers
Including toothpick holders, sugars, baskets up to 7.25"H, and vases
Including cat planter, clear glass, figurines up to 6.75"H, iron, and kitchen items
Including decorative plates, 7.5" Heisey custard bowl, and serving dishes (some damage)
Including mugs, bowls, and 7.75"H etched stemware
Including 17"L wood box, shoe stretchers, and Casa Hugo Black Americana washing lady
Including bakers rack, 25"W x 12"D x 67.75"H (no shelves), and tile top table
Model: ADEW65LQQ1, 23.5"H
Including porcelain dolls up to 26", small oriental umbrellas, bud vases, and planter
Including baskets, and 17.5"L wood crate
Including antique clothing patterns, Christmas decorations, vintage clothing, fabric, and more
Including copper molds, kitchen items, wood stool, National Call alarm clock, and more
Including Cabbage Patch, and Flip Wilson pull string
Including jewelry box, beads, watches, and vintage
Including Flintstones 4" toys, table crumb set, glass blocks, and 13.5"H gnome
Including 16"H wall plaques, plaster planter, and plastic wall shelf
Including personal care kit, and Hi-Lex bottle10"H
Including cast iron pans up to 10"
48.75"W x 11.75"D x 72"H
18"W x 14.5"D x 81"H, missing one finial

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