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Item # 125

Under the castle bridge, English Family, Lady w/bonnet Portrait

Under the castle bridge:  Artist embellished print.  Depict women washing clothes in the moat under the castle bridge.  Hues of brown, gold, and reds.
Frame: 15 1/4"w  x  13 1/4" h - gold frame with a burgundy velvet inner liner. - some age wear on the velvet
Image 9 5/8"w  x  7 3/4" h
Condition:  Good with wear on the velvet.

English Family:  decoupage style of  man, woman, and young girl conversing on concrete bench area.
Frame: 87 3/8"w  x  9 3/4 'h
Image:  2 3/4" w  x  3 1/2'h
Condition - good with 2 micro paper loss on edge.-  Frame has wear.

Portrait print  of  a Lady wearing pink bonnet with gray ringlet curls.
Oval matting of burgundy velvet with a crimped metal edging in the middle.
Gold wooden frame:  6 5/8"w  x  7 1/2" h
Portrait size:  2 1/2" x 3"
Condition:  Overall in good condition.

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