Wavebid Photo Management

Point and Click

The Wavebid point and click user interface allows users to easily organize, edit, rotate, crop, sequence, or even delete images with a click of a button.


Wavebid uses barcode technology to organize your images. Snap a shot of a barcode with a lot number on it and our software will recognize the lot number in the barcode and automatically assign photos accordingly.

Image Sorting

Sorting images has never been easier, simply drag the image wherever you'd like to go. Its that easy. You don't have to move the file to a different location or remember to rename it. We take care of that for you.

Photo Renaming

You will never have to rename another photo. Wavebid does it for you automatically. This affords you the time to take the best set of photos you can and highlight your items without the burden of manual renaming.

Photo Editing

Our industry leading suite of photo management tools allows you to crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast easily. Quickly alter the look and presentation of your photos to best display your items.

Auto Resize

Our tools will automatically resize your images to their ideal size for your chosen online auction platform. Spend your time doing something more valuable, we'll handle the tedious details.